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About Us

Our Story - by Founder, Jensen Lee

Having graduated college with a Finance degree, upon graduation I found myself sitting in front of a computer 8 – 10 hours a day hacking away at spreadsheets.  This was a pretty big change for me as I was always pretty active playing sports during high school, and riding my bike to class every day while in college.  When I showed up to my first “real-world” job, I never thought much about ergonomics.  There was a desk, there was a chair, and most importantly - we had air conditioning.

After a few months though, my neck and shoulder area tightened up and felt tight all the time.  Just felt a lot of tension (even when away from my desk) and found myself rubbing my neck and the back of my shoulders a lot.  I wondered if it might be because my keyboard was too high for me, realizing I was basically shrugging my shoulders all day in order to type.  I decided to install a keyboard tray underneath my desk which lowered my keyboard four inches.  In less than a week, the tension in my neck and shoulders was gone – and all it took was four inches.

Eventually, I moved on to another company as a Product Marketing Manager and traveled to Europe a lot as part of my new job.  One day while visiting my colleagues in Stockholm, Sweden - I saw they all had adjustable height desks.  The WHOLE OFFICE was equipped with these sit/stand desks.  I was there on a two week assignment and used an adjustable height desk the whole time.  Wow - what a difference!  When arriving back in America, I started researching online to purchase one.  They wouldn’t buy me one at work but I telecommuted enough to justify getting one at home (which was paid for out of my own pocket).  My new desk cost $2,000 - a pretty penny for sure but I figured if I’m going to be chained to a desk all day I deserved to be comfortable.  And I still use it today.

The most surprising thing I discovered as I got into ergonomics, was how much better I felt.  Not just while I worked, but I felt better all time.  I felt like I had more energy both at work, and after work.  I started sleeping better.

Ergonomics is currently more developed in other regions like Europe, than here in the United States.  But Americans are learning.  I hope we can help fuel this education in ergonomic furniture.  Thank you for visiting us here at Ergonomic Office Designs.


Our Guiding Principles

Ergonomic Office Designs will create and publish insightful and educational material to help guide our visitors as they research and shop for ergonomic furniture.  We will take a multi-media approach in disseminating this information - including written text, in-depth HD videos, high resolution images, and with detailed reviews of leading ergonomic products.

We will create and maintain several social media channels via Facebook, Google +, YouTube, and Twitter - to introduce ergonomic furniture to more Americans and to promote maintstream acceptance of ergonomics in the United States.

We will keep our content up-to-date with complete and accurate information, on a well-organized website which is easy to use.  Our online shopping cart and checkout system will be fast, intuitive, and safe as we protect our customers’ privacy.


Our Pledge to You

We are committed to providing you with an extraordinary shopping and customer service experience.  We invite you to e-mail, call, and chat with us.  Our staff has expert-level knowledge of the ergonomic furniture we carry, and can assist you with any questions you have regarding our products.  We can provide guidance based on your individual needs and preferences.  From research, to purchase, to post-sale support, we will be here for you every step of the way.

We stand behind our service and every product we sell.  If there is ever a problem with our service, product, or delivery - it is our responsibility to take supportive action to help you.  Our decision making shall err on the side of you, our customer.