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Ergonomic Office Designs is an authorized dealer for BodyBilt. We’re proud to carry the line of BodyBilt ergonomic furniture here at Ergonomic Office Designs!

BodyBilt is a leading manufacturer of ergonomic products including monitor arms and keyboard trays, but their real area of expertise is in ergonomic chairs. They are also an industry leader in Green Ergonomics, which stresses the development and use of environmentally friendly materials, fabric treatments, and processes in the manufacturing of ergonomic furniture. For example – BodyBilt uses soy-based foam instead of petroleum based foam, and uses recycled fabrics comprised of 100% recycled polyesters. We all know the importance of reducing the environmental footprint of manufacturing companies. With BodyBilt, you’re not just getting another ergonomic chair – but you’re also supporting the green initiatives they have helped spawn in the ergonomic furniture industry.

Each BodyBilt Series comes in three flavors – 02, 07, and 08, which corresponds with the last two numbers of each model number. The 02 version comes with a deeply contoured ergonomic seat, the 07 version comes with a moderately contoured ergonomic seat, and the 08 version comes with a flat contoured ergonomic seat.

Ergonomic Office Designs is pleased to introduce the following chairs from BodyBilt:

BodyBilt 3500 Series – 3502 / 3507 / 3508

The 3500 Series from BodyBilt is a high-back ergonomic chair with an adjustable headrest. The 3507 (moderately contoured ergonomic seat) is the most popular of the series. With more than 10 customizable areas – the 3500 Series is the chair for ergonomic purists as it provides the ultimate in customization. The chair’s headrest, pivot point, lumbar support, back cushion, seat cushion, base, and fabric can all be customized – just to name a few. With so many customizable options, you are literally building your chair from the ground up. Each BodyBilt 3500 Series Chair is custom built for your body according to your specifications.

BodyBilt 2500 Series – 2502 / 2507 / 2508

Simply put, the 2500 Series from BodyBilt is the same as the 3500 series, but without the headrest. So if you like the 3500 Series but can do without the headrest, the 2500 Series is for you.

BodyBilt 2600 Series – 2602 / 2607 / 2608

The 2600 Series from BodyBilt is very similar to the 2500 Series, but comes with a mesh-back for increased breathability. Another key difference is the lumbar support on the 2600 Series provides a wider range of lumber support – a 9” range between the lowest and highest settings.