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BodyBilt Sola Chair

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Product Description

The BodyBilt 2600 Sola Series features the same seat bottom as the BodyBilt 3500 Series, except it comes with a breathable mesh back and does not include the headrest. You still get the same adjustability as the 3500 Series however, so the Body Bilt 2600 Sola Series is perfect if you’re looking for the customization of a BodyBilt chair at an easier price point.

BodyBilt 2600 Sola Series - 2602 / 2607 / 2608 Options


When ordering your new BodyBilt 3500 Series Ergonomic Chair, you’ll find it is available in three mechanism options: J Mech, E Mech, and R Mech:

  • The J Mechanism is by far, the most popular and represents 90% of our BodyBilt orders. When rocking or adjusting the seat tilt of the chair, the J Mech has a pivot point that is centered underneath the seat. With a centered pivot point, this means you can tilt backward by the same amount you can tilt forward, e.g., tilts back 7 degrees, tilts forward 7 degrees.
  • The J Mechanism w/ Seat Slider option allows you to "slide" the seat closer to or further away from the backrest.
  • The E Mechanism has a pivot point that is more forward in the chair, closer to behind your knees. Because of its forward pivot point, the chair tilts more backward than it tilts forward, e.g., tilts back 13 degrees, tilts forward 7 degrees. We recommend the E Mech for people who like more rocking action in their chair.
  • The R Mechanism works with a synchro-tilt mechanism. This means that the backrest and seat bottom tilt back together at a pre-determined 3 to 1 ratio - for every 3 degrees you lean back on the backrest, the seat bottom tilts up by 1 degree. If you tilted the backrest by 6 degrees, the seat bottom would come up by 2 degrees, and so on. In comparison, the backrest and seat bottom for the J Mech and E Mech tilt at 1 to 1 ratio. Simply put, the R Mech offers greater reclining action when you rock.

We note however that because of the synchro-tilt action on the R Mech, you cannot adjust seat tilt and backrest tilt independently like you could with the J Mech or E Mech. The R Mech’s synchro-tilt joins seat and backrest tilt together so they cannot be de-coupled.

Seat Contour

  • 07 Seat Bottom - This is a moderately contoured seat and ideal for 95% of the population. Moderate contours improve distribution of your weight over the surface area of the seat, while minimizing pressure points.
  • 08 Seat Bottom - This is a flat contoured seat, which has less contour than the 07 Seat Bottom.
  • 02 Seat Bottom - This is a deeply contoured seat, which has more contour than the 07 Seat Bottom. Pronounced pommel in front of the groin area makes crossing your legs uncomfortable. Recommended for individuals who need a seat that encourages a static position.

Seat Cushion

  • Standard Seat Cushion - Multi-layered, high density foam.
  • S’port Seat Cushion (+$27.00) - Added layer of memory foam on top of standard seat cushion foam.


  • No Headrest - Chair without headrest.
  • With Mesh Neckroll (+$79.00) - Added neckroll provides support for your head and neck.


  • No Armrests - Chair without the armrests
  • Standard Armrests - Excellent adjustable armrests; so good we can’t believe they come standard! Three-way adjustability includes: height adjustment, width adjustment, and rotational adjustment (example: rotate armrests inward for better forearm support while typing).
  • Optima Armrests - Five-way movement and adjustability on the arm support and armpad allowing users to position their arms virtually anywhere the like.
  • Pivot Arms with S'ports Pads (+$169.00) - The adjustability of the standard pivot armrests with the added benefit of the 12" memory foam S'port pad atop the length of the armrest for the most complete comfort and support.

Seat Height

  • Standard Cylinder - Recommended for people 5’2” to 6’2” with a seat height range of 16.5” to 22.0”
  • Short Cylinder - Recommended for people 5’1” or shorter with a seat height range of 14.3” to 17.0”
  • Tall Cylinder (+$19.00) - Recommended for people 6’3” or taller with a seat height range of 21.5” to 29.0”

Base Color

  • Standard Black Base - Standard 26” five-star base
  • Polished Aluminum Base (+$44.00) - 26” five-star base in polished aluminum adds style to your new ergonomic chair
  • Mahogany Base (+$97.00) - 26" five-star base in rich mahogany for a classic and stately look.


  • Carpet Casters - These casters (the wheels on the bottom of your chair) are ideal for carpet use, but can also be used on hard floors.
  • Hard Floor Casters - Ideal for hard floors, but can also be used on carpet. These hard floor casters are slightly softer and have tighter rolling tension (vs. Carpet Casters) to help keep the chair from rolling around too much on hard floors
  • Stationary Glides - If you prefer not to have wheeled casters, the stationary glides provide a nice option for keeping the chair in a fixed position.
  • Chrome Casters (+$25.00) - A perfect match to go with the polished aluminum base option.

Fabric - Grade I: Standard

BodyBilt provides a great selection of standard fabrics to choose from. These durable fabrics come in a variety of colors. We can customize your chair in the standard fabric colors available below.


Fabric - Grade II: Comfortek Premium Fabrics (+$69.00)

These Comfortek fabrics are our most popular. Comfortek fabrics have a little stretch in them and will feel softer than standard fabrics, especially when used in conjunction with memory foam. Comfortek fabrics are more breathable as well, making your chair feel a bit cooler.

Fabric - Grade III: Leather (+$516.00)

BodyBilt uses 100% genuine leather which has a light protective finish to guard against spills. This premium Scandanavian leather has a very soft, luxurious feel.

BodyBilt 2600 Sola Series - 2602 / 2607 / 2608 Specifications

Backrest Height 23.3 inches
Backrest Height Adjustment Range N/A
Backrest Width 20.5 inches
Backrest Angle Adjustment Range 15 degrees
Extra Lumbar Support Yes
Adjustable Lumbar Yes
Headrest Height Adjustment Range N/A
Headrest Depth Adjustment Range N/A
Armrest Pivot Adjustment Range 360 degrees
Armrest Height Adjustment Range 4.5 inches
Armrest Width Adjustment Range 6.0 inches
Seat Depth 21.0 inches
Seat Depth Adjustment Range 3.0 inches (seat slides forward/backward)
Seat Width 19.0 inches
Seat Height (standard cylinder) 16.5 inches - 22.0 inches
Seat Height (short cylinder) 14.3 inches - 17.0 inches
Seat Height (tall cylinder) 21.5 inches - 29.0 inches
Base Diameter 26.0 inches
Casters Carpet or Hard Floor options available

BodyBilt 2600 Sola Series - 2602 / 2607 / 2608 Features


BodyBilt 2600 Sola Series - 2602 / 2607 / 2608 Features

  • Made in USA
  • High Back
  • Adjustable backrest angle
  • Adjustable armrest height, width, and pivot angle
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Adjustable seat depth (distance of seat from the backrest)
  • Adjustable seat tilt angle
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Contoured seat cushions increases contact area to reduce pressure points.
  • Seat bottoms available in mild, moderate, or deeply contoured.



Product Sheet


You can choose one of three different types of seat bottoms when ordering the BodyBilt 2600 Sola Series. Options include a deeply contoured seat (the 02 seat bottom), a moderately contoured seat (the 07 seat bottom) and a flat contoured seat (the 08 seat bottom). We note the moderately contoured seat has been designed to fit 95% of the population, so that’s the seat most people will be looking at.

It’s helpful to know that BodyBilt uses a four-digit numbering system to name their chair models. The first two numbers represents the type of backrest, and the last two numbers represent the seat bottom. The Sola’s mesh backrest is called the “26 back” or “2600 series.” So if you coupled the Sola backrest with a moderately contoured seat, you would have a 26 back with a 07 seat bottom - which becomes the BodyBilt 2607.

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Warranty Information

BodyBilt Manufacturer's Limited Warranty:

• Ten year warranty on mechanisms
• Three year warranty on fabric/cushions/arm pads

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