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Conset Desks

Conset is a manufacturer of adjustable desks that go from sitting to standing positions with the simple press of a button. The company was created by three engineers and has been a leading manufacturer in ergonomic office furniture industry since it’s inception. The concept of a sitting/standing desk is simple really. With research, it’s been proven that taking microbreaks, meaning switching from sitting to standing, helps the human body feel better and stay more alert. It’s been found that when the human body is sitting the body turns off it’s mechanism for burning fat. This is restarted when you switch to the standing position. Who doesn’t want to lose a little fat while working? Then what are you waiting for? Get your Conset adjustable desk today!

5 Ways a Conset Desk Can Change the Way You Work

Conset sells a variety of desks, all of which are electronically adjustable. They move to provide relief from sitting all day long, which can have serious health consequences, as well as being just plain uncomfortable. When users feel the need to change position, or when they are aware that they have been sitting for several hours, all they have to do is use the electronic control system to lift or lower the desk.

How Conset Desks Work

Conset desks come as either complete systems or just the frame. The latter option allows businesses and individuals to customize the desktop to their own specifications. Two-button operation means no accidental adjustments, since users must push both at the same time in order to raise or lower the desk.

The idea behind Conset desks is to allow users to either sit or stand in front of them, changing positions as needed. However, many positions in between can be accommodated as well. Users in high wheelchairs and who prefer to sit on tall stools will be able to adjust a Conset desk to a comfortable height for them.

The Importance of Ergonomics

Ergonomics is the name for studying and designing furniture to fit the human body. For example, a chair with a hard, flat seat is not very ergonomic, while extremely precisely molded desk chairs are intended to to provide ideal support. Ergonomics is important because sitting all day long is a fairly unnatural thing for the human body, and doing so without ergonomic furniture can cause aches and pains.

Additionally, modern ergonomics has gone further and started looking into making furniture fit a more natural human behavior pattern as well as body position. Sit/stand desks are one of these options, which allow workers to spend part of their time sitting and part of their time standing. This is a much more natural physical pattern for human bodies, and helps avoid problems. Normal, gentle movement is one of the best preventative measures for the aches and pains associated with sitting for long periods of time.

Health Risks Associated with Sitting for Long Periods of Time

Aches and pains are a well-known risk of sitting all the time. Many office workers have complained at one time or another about a stiff back, a sore shoulder, a strained neck, or some other injury related to their job. However, modern medicine is beginning to see that there is a lot more than just a backache at risk when people sit all day, every day.


Obesity is a raging problem in our society, and the causes of the problem are not easy to pin down. However, there is evidence that the increasingly sedentary nature of many jobs may be partially to blame. Researchers were attempting to explain how people could be eating better and exercising more than they did in the 1970′s, and yet still be fatter than people were then. One possible cause is the decrease in activity levels at the average job.

Muscle Activity/Metabolism Decrease

There are a lot of things that contribute to obesity, and many people might have considered the fact that sitting at a desk all day could be a factor. However, not many people think that sitting all day could lead to heart disease, diabetes or cancer. yet, that could indeed be the case, researchers say.

Exercise, which is generally seen as sustained movement, is undoubtedly important. However, the study that shows an increased risk of certain health conditions in people who sit all days says that even regular exercise may not be enough if people are sitting down the entire rest of their day. Simply put, half an hour of exercise (the recommended daily amount) is not enough to offset sitting or lying down the other 23 and half hours of the day.

Sitting is worse for you than standing or moving (even slowly) because almost all of your muscles are relaxed when you sit down. This relaxation of the body leads to slowing of the metabolism, like that which occurs when you are asleep (albeit less extreme). A continually lowered metabolism has various health consequences, including increased risk for certain serious conditions.

Taking frequent, short activity breaks and not sitting in a conventional desk chair are some of the recommended steps towards being healthier that office workers can implement. Even one minute every hour was found to be effective in reducing troublesome conditions such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol, which is linked to, increased risk of heart disease and stroke. Standing is a good alternative, as well as sitting on an exercise ball. Both of these alternatives to sitting in a desk chair use more muscles and keep the metabolism more active.

How to Fight Lethargy with Movement

If none of these reasons are enough to convince your boss that you need a special desk, consider citing this article. Granted, it is about taking breaks from working altogether in order to be more productive, not about sit/stand desks. However, it makes the point that movement and activity are positively correlated with productivity.

5 Ways a Conset Desk Can Change the Way You Work

  1. Fewer/no sick days at home because your back hurts.
  2. Ditto your neck, hip, shoulder, wrist, etc.
  3. Healthier people catch fewer illnesses and take fewer days off.
  4. Your cholesterol and blood pressure numbers (and your doctor) will thank you.
  5. Fidgeting is actually productive!


1. Can you still use a Conset adjustable desk in the seated position?

Yes, absolutely. The desk adjusts in order to allow people to sit or stand. It also adjusts to levels in between for people who are taller than usual, choose to sit on higher than normal chairs, or have some other issue requiring a desk of non-standard height.

2. Can a Conset desk be used for people of all heights?

Probably. Extremely tall or extremely short people should check the minimum and maximum heights of the desk before purchase. Most adults should be able to sit or stand at a Conset desk, however.

3. How do you adjust a Conset desk?

By pressing two buttons. It’s that easy. Really.