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ESI Keyboard Trays

Ergonomic Keyboard Trays to Improve Health and Productivity

We here at Ergonomic Office Designs are pleased to offer two fantastic keyboard trays from ESI, the Solution Ultra and the Solution 2CC.  Both of these trays are versatile platforms for keyboarding and mousing that live up to the high standard of quality that is expected from ergonomics manufacturer ESI.

With the vast majority of today’s office workers spending most of their workday using a computer, keyboard trays have become a common and necessary accessory to the office desk. And since the keyboard and mouse are the physical interface for our daily computer work, the right keyboard tray can be the key to avoiding common office ailments such as wrist pain and injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder and back tension and general unnecessary stress due to unnatural body positioning. The ergonomic keyboard tray allows easy adjustment to position the keyboard and mouse according to your body. An ergonomically designed keyboarding system is the body-smart solution to the unnatural angles and uncomfortable layout that comes with simply putting the keyboard and mouse on the desk top surface.

The Solution Ultra and Solution 2CC come with an articulating arm that holds the platform and which is installed to a glide track on the underside of your work surface. The arm then can slide underneath the desk for easy storage. And having the keyboard and mouse at a lower position is better for the angle of your arms and hands while working. Poor and improper positioning of the hands and wrists while working for extended periods on a computer can contribute to cramps, pain and carpal tunnel syndrome which results from excessive pressure on the median nerve. The adjustable height and tilt feature which lets you angle the tray for a more natural position allows users to achieve the correct height and angle for their body whether seated or standing.

One of the key components of ergonomic design, besides accommodating more natural body positions, is being able to adjust positions frequently. With a fully articulating keyboard arm, 30 degrees of platform tilt, seven inches of vertical adjustability, and reversible left and right hand mouse areas, both of these ESI keyboard trays are packed with ergonomic versatility so users can easily and frequently adjust their position throughout the day. For more details including specifications on the ESI Solution Ultra and Solution 2CC, check out the product pages by clicking on the listings above.