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ESI Monitor Arms

Monitor Arms and Ergonomics

The whole idea of ergonomics is to promote natural body positions and alignment while eliminating stasis. Another way of putting it is that ergonomics gets people to regularly move and adjust how they sit, stand, and work with healthier and more comfortable body positions so they can avoid injury, discomfort and stress that accompanies extended periods of unnatural static postures that have become far too common in the modern workplace. Beyond being a simple upgrade in comfort, ergonomic design is a vital part of eliminating the common ailments and injuries sustained in the modern computer-centric office.

Ergonomic Solutions Inc. (ESI) has created two innovative and functional ergonomic monitor arms in the ESI Edge single monitor and ESI Evolve2 MS dual monitor system. These monitor arms are anchored to your desk or table with a clamp or grommet mount and the monitor attaches with a simple Vesa plate. So they are about as easy to install as they are to use. Once installed these fully articulating monitor arms allow users to change the height, depth, screen orientation, left to right positioning, even the angle of screen tilt. The range of motion built into the Edge and Evolve2 MS allows people of practically any size and physical needs to work more comfortably and effectively with their monitors.

A primary benefit of an ergonomic monitor arm is the ability to adjust screens to better align with users’ sightlines. Poor sightlines and screen angles are a major cause of neck, back and shoulder pain as well as eye strain. Besides the vertical range of motion, an ergonomic monitor arm also allows for depth adjustment. So doing detailed work such as working on a large spreadsheet doesn’t requiring hunching over the desk for closer view of the screen, but rather users can simply move the monitor farther forward. And as an added benefit of a monitor arm system, desk space is no longer taken over by the monitor so more surface area is available. Having a less cluttered desk by itself can reduce stress for many people!

For a better work environment that relieves eye strain, neck and back pain, and also gives back useful surface space, an ergonomic monitor arm from ESI is just the thing for the job. You can view the product pages to find out more about the Edge and ESI Evolve2 MS monitor arms from ESI.