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ESI Victory Adjustable Desk

  • ESI Victory Adjustable Desk, Electric Desk
65.00 LBS
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Product Description

The Victory Desk from Ergonomic Solutions, Inc. (ESI) is the best-selling electric adjustable height desk from ESI.  When compared to its baby brother, the ESI Triumph, the Victory Desk features an increased range of adjustment heights varying from 24.4" to 49.7" (vs. 26.0" to 45.5" on the Triumph) for a total adjustability range of 25.3" (vs. the 19.5" adjustability range on the Triumph).  The Victory Desk also features an increased payload lifting capacity of 220 pounds (vs. 180 pounds on the Triumph).  With an adjustment speed of 1.4 ft/s the Victory desk is able to quickly get you to both your desired sitting and standing positions.  The hidden crossbar design adds a minimalistic and contemporary look, and offers better functionality since there's no crossbar to bang your knees against.  An impressively quiet motor changes your desk height with a gentle hum, and not a loud unpleasant sound you might find with cheaper adjustable height desks.  Wonderfully functional, pleasant, and elegant in design - the ESI Victory Desk will provide you with more ergonomic comfort, so you can be most productive.

  Victory Triumph
    Lifting Capacity 220 lbs       180 lbs
    Height Adjustability Range 24.4" - 49.7"    26.0" - 45.5"
    Optional Keypad with Programmable Height Presets Available Not Available

The table above summarizes the differences between the ESI Victory and Triumph models.

ESI Victory Options

Table Size

Dimensions Model
36” W x 24” D  3624
42'' W x 24'' D (+$20.00) 4224
48'' W x 24'' D (+$20.00) 4824
60'' W x 24'' D (+$125.00) 6024
72'' W x 24'' D (+$260.00) 7224
36'' W x 30'' D (+$50.00) 3630
42'' W x 30'' D (+$50.00) 4230
48'' W x 30'' D (+$50.00) 4830
60'' W x 30'' D (+$170.00) 6030
72'' W x 30'' D (+$290.00) 7230


Base Color



Laminate Color

Customize your Victory Desk by choosing from 15 different laminiate colors for your worksurface, which includes a matching 3mm edge band around the sides of the table top.  The outanding quality of these Wilsonart laminates provides a long-lasting finish, with exceptional durability.



  • No Casters
  • Include Casters (+$35.00) - Casters are wheels at the bottom of your desk, which allow you to easily move your desk around.



Keypad Control Switch

  • Standard Keypad - Simple keypad with up/down arrows.
  • Digital Keypad w/ 3 Programmable Presets (+$70.00) - In addition to up/down arrows, you can also program up to 3 different heights directly into the keypad.  This allows you to get your desk to the same exact height every time, without having to constantly make micro-adjustments to find your sweetspot.  Set different heights for your kneeling, sitting and standing positions.



ESI Victory Specifications

Adjustment Type Electrical
Max Height 49.7 inches
Lowest Height 24.4 inches
Lifting Capacity 220 pounds
Table Top Shape  Rectangular
Adjustment Speed 1.4 inches per second
Manufacturer Ergonomic Solutions, Inc. (ESI)


ESI Victory Features


  • Hidden crossbar design proides optimum knee clearance and under worksurface access
  • Electric control with up/down switch, optional digital keypad with three programmable presets
  • Height range:  24.4" - 49.7" at 1.4" per second
  • Lifting capacity:  220 pounds
  • Available in 10 worksurface sizes with 15 laminate options
  • Available in silver or black base color




Victory Product Sheet                                 




Warranty Information

Complete 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty on Table Top and Base
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Product Reviews

  1. ESI Victory feels like a winner 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Mar 2016

    I did a lot of research when shopping for my desk, and am very happy that I went with the ESI Victory. The main reason I got it is because I have some lower back pain and my chiropractor mentioned how sitting is the worst thing for my back and recommended I get a standing desk. It lowers and raises pretty quickly and the motor is smooth which I like. I stand 2 - 4 times a day and it definitely helps stretch my back out and I've been feeling a lot better since I made standing a part of my daily routine. I don't think I could go back to a regular desk again!