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Humanscale Chairs

Ergonomic Office Designs is an authorized dealer for Humanscale Chairs. We’re proud to carry the line of Humanscale Chairs ergonomic furniture here at Ergonomic Office Designs!

Humanscale provides a variety of ergonomic office products including monitor arms, keyboard trays, lighting equipment, and desks. Ergonomic chairs however, are the bread and butter of Humanscale’s business. An industry leader in ergonomic chairs, Humanscale introduced their first chair in 1999. Dubbed the “Freedom Chair,” it went on to take the task seating market by storm and by 2009 – Humanscale had sold its millionth Freedom Chair.

Humanscale expanded its product selection over the years to include the Liberty Chair and Diffrient World chair to their product line-up. All three of Humanscale’s flagship chairs are designed by an industrial design legend, Niels Diffrient. Mr. Diffrient has been called the Granddaddy of the ergonomic revolution. And once you sit in one of his chairs, you’ll understand why.

Ergonomic Office Designs is pleased to introduce the following ergonomic chairs from Humanscale:

Humanscale Freedom Chair

The chair that started a movement. The Freedom Chair from Humanscale is one of the most popular task chairs in the world. Available with or without a headrest, the Freedom Chair is designed for total ergonomic support. Contoured cushions follow the curves of your body as you sit down. A pivoting backrest adapts to your spine as you work throughout the day. And with the chair’s intelligent counter-balance system, the Freedom Chair automatically adjusts for your weight to balance the tension required to recline. You’ll be supported from every angle in ergonomic comfort with the Humanscale Freedom Chair.

Humanscale Liberty Chair

The Liberty Chair stands out from the Humanscale line in that it is their first mesh-back ergonomic chair. Liberty’s mesh-back is created with three panels of non-stretch mesh material ensuring a long, durable life. It also has self-adjusting lumber support for a customized fit. Like the Freedom Chair, the Humanscale Liberty Chair includes a pivoting backrest and an intelligent counter-balance reclining system. The Liberty Chair is not available with a headrest however, so those seeking a headrest will look closer at the Freedom.  

Humanscale Diffrient World Chair

The Diffrient World Chair is Humanscale’s all-mesh chair, including both a mesh-back and a mesh seat which reduces contact stress under the thigh area. Another benefit you’ll find with an all-mesh chair is breathability – which allows the chair to feel less sticky. Like the Liberty, the Diffrient World is made with a tri-panel of non-stretch mesh for increased durability. The counter-balance recline action and pivoting backrest adjusts to changing positions of the spine and provides additional lumbar support.