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Humanscale Desks

Ergonomic Office Designs is an authorized dealer for Humanscale. We’re proud to carry the line of Humanscale ergonomic furniture here at Ergonomic Office Designs!

Much of Humanscale’s focus to date has been on monitor arms, keyboard trays, and ergonomic chairs. With the growing popularity of adjustable height desks however, Humanscale has responded to market demand by creating their first ergonomic desk – the Float.

Humanscale Float Desk

Released in July 2012, the Float is an adjustable height desk where the user can work in both sitting and standing positions. Traditional desks are manufactured at a fixed-height which can’t be changed. Staying in one position throughout the day goes against ergonomic principles – causing stiff backs, aching shoulders, and poor blood circulation.

With the Humanscale Float, you simply stand up and raise your desk with you! Find a comfortable desk-height which allows you to work while on your feet. When you’re ready to sit again, lower the desk back to the original height you started at and sit down. Having the ability to change positions throughout the day is fundamental to good ergonomics. This Humanscale desk allows you to do just that.

Unlike most adjustable height systems which rely on a motor or hand crank to raise and lower the tabletop, the Humanscale Float desk works with an advanced counter-balance system. Engage the safety lever underneath the desk and lift – the desk raises effortlessly, practically floating upward. There are no loud motors or ugly hand cranks you have to turn. Simply lift the desk and you’re done.

Lowering desk height is just as easy. Just engage the safety lever again and push down to your normal seated position. The Float’s counter-balance system ensures a slow and smooth descent as you bring the desk height back down. This Humanscale desk can easily raise and lower up to 160 pounds of equipment on your desktop.

The Humanscale Float is truly advanced ergonomic engineering. Elegant in design, practical in function – the Float is a great addition to your ergonomic office. Click thru to our Humanscale Float Product Page to learn more!