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Humanscale Float Desk

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  • Humanscale Float Desk adjustment lever
  • Humanscale Float Desk
  • Humanscale Float Desk
24.00 LBS
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Product Description

The Humanscale Float gives you the ability to work in different positions throughout the day. Being in a static position for an 8 to 10 hour work day causes stiffness and poor blood circulation. When you sit for too long, it's natural to want to stand. And when you stand too long, you're going to want to sit. The Humanscale Float provides you with the freedom to move.

The Humanscale Float Desk is an adjustable height desk that allows you to work in both seated and standing positions. Instead of a hand crank or electric motor, the Humanscale Float works with a counter-balance system. Simply press the adjustment lever and the tabletop will feel weightless, as it “floats” into your desired position. With a table height range of 27” to 47”, you're sure to find a perfect working height whether you're sitting or standing.

Adjustable height desks with a hand crank can be slow and tedious. Those with electric motors require electricity and have an unsightly cord you're always trying to hide. But with the Humanscale Float's counter-balance system, you have a clean design and a table that adjusts quickly. No electricity needed.

The Humanscale Float accommodates tabletop widths from 48” to 72” so you'll have plenty of desk space to spread out. The desk also supports up to 160 lbs of weight on your tabletop. So load your desk as much as you want and you'll still be able to adjust desk height effortlessly and easily.  Being able to change positions through the course of the day is one of the key principles to good ergonomics. Feel better, and be more productive at work with the Float Desk from Humanscale.


Design Story

The Humanscale Design Studio was determined to create a height-adjustable desk without a cumbersome, hard-to-use crank. The result is Float, a sit/stand table that makes changing postures virtually effortless — a testament to the Humanscale principles of superior performance, simple functionality and long-lasting, beautiful design.

Humanscale Float Desk Options

Table Size

Dimensions Model
48'' W x 24'' D 2448
54'' W x 24'' D (+$10.00) 2454
60'' W x 24'' D (+$100.00) 2460
66'' W x 24'' D (+$110.00) 2466
72'' W x 24'' D (+$120.00) 2472
48'' W x 30'' D (+$50.00) 3048
54'' W x 30'' D (+$60.00) 3054
60'' W x 30'' D (+$150.00) 3060
66'' W x 30'' D (+$160.00) 3066
72'' W x 30'' D (+$170.00) 3072


Base Color



Table Top Color


Table Top Edge


Crank Mount

The counterbalance crank is a small tool which adjusts the desk's tension.  "Tension" is the force required to pull your desk up or push it down.  The counterbalance crank can be mounted permanently on to your tabletop, or kept removable.  Most people will be fine with the removable crank - since once you set the tension initially, you will rarely have to adjust it again.  Just remove the crank and store it in a safe place for next time.  But if you prefer to keep your crank permanently mounted, you can order that way if you like.


Humanscale Float Desk Specifications

Adjustment Type Non-electric, counter balance system
Max Height 47 inches
Lowest Height 27 inches
Lifting Capacity 130 pounds
Table Top Shape Rectangular
Accomodates Table Tops 48" - 72" wide, 24" - 30" deep
Base Materials Steel and aluminum
Product Code FLOAT
Manufacturer Humanscale
Shipping Time 2 - 3 Weeks
Made in USA

Humanscale Float Desk Features





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How Do Adjustable Computer Desks Work?

Ergonomics is the science of designing furniture to better fit the body’s needs for optimum posture, providing greater comfort and reducing strain. Every day, more companies are discovering the benefits of ergonomics and equipping their offices with work stations that provide a healthier environment for their employees and allows them to work more effectively.

No component of the computer work station is more important than the desk. A well designed desk allows the individual to sit naturally, without any strain on the back or shoulders, must support the computer screen in position to avoid neck discomfort and the keyboard should be accessible for ease of reach and motion.

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Warranty Information

Five year warranty
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Product Reviews

  1. I just stood up to write this review! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Dec 2013

    To give you an example of how great this desk is, I was sitting down all morning. Then as soon as I was about to write this review - I felt tired of sitting, so just raised my desk and am now typing this while standing!

    Before getting my Float, I would get so restless of sitting by the late afternoon. My feet would tap and I wiggled my legs constantly. It is such a relief to be able to stand for an hour or two while working and I really do feel more productive. It's like taking a break, but I still get to work and get stuff done. The Float is super easy to operate, and I really like the fact that it's non-electric (no messy cords). Do yourself a favor and get one of these desks. Very well designed and I just love it.