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Humanscale Liberty Chair

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35.00 LBS
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Product Description

The Humanscale Liberty Chair provides ergonomic comfort packaged in a sleek, yet simplistic design. Like the rest of Humanscale’s chairs, the Liberty Chair is designed by Niels Diffrient - one of the foremost ergonomic designers in the world. Humanscale is known to manufacture some of the world’s most comfortable ergonomic task chairs, providing you with hours of comfort so you can be most productive at work.

The Liberty Chair from Humanscale features an intelligent counter-balance system. With a traditional office chair, you rely on a bunch of knobs and levers and have to tune each of them just right to get the proper reclining action. If one of the knobs are slightly off, you have to start over and try to find the combination of settings that makes you feel most comfortable. Not only is this tedious, but it’s time consuming as well.

The Humanscale Liberty Chair eliminates the need for all of these adjustments. The Liberty Chair automatically sets the reclining tension based on your body weight. If you’re a bigger person, the chair’s counter-balancing system automatically increases the tension. If you’re smaller, the reclining tension is reduced. So whether you’re big or small, the Humanscale Liberty Chair automatically adjusts the reclining tension so that it’s just right for you.

While the reclining action on the Liberty Chair is self-adjusting, there are a couple manual adjustments still left for you to make. Adjusting the seat height and seat depth (the distance from the back of the seat to the front of the backrest) is done with the respective levers found underneath the chair. Seat height is adjustable by 5" and the seat depth is adjustable by 2.25".

The Humanscale Liberty Chair also features a non-stretch, mesh back which is highly breathable. Instead of a single piece of mesh-fabric, the Liberty Chair uses a high quality tri-panel construction which offers better back support and durability. The seat bottom is available in two options - foam and gel. While the foam option is fine for those who get up frequently, we recommend the gel option for folks who sit in their chair for extended periods of time in one sitting. The Liberty Chair also comes with (optional) adjustable armrests.

The Liberty Chair from Humanscale - sleek, simple, and comfortable. A great ergonomic task chair, that’s good-looking too. It will provide hours of comfort so you can focus on the task at hand.


Design Story

"I’ve always insisted that the back adjust to the person and we have this unique Form Sensing Mesh that will accommodate any body shape and give you appropriate back support. Whether you’re short, tall, wide, narrow, the back will accommodate you."

Niels Diffrient, Designer

Inspired to create a minimal but functional mesh task chair with curved lines and a contemporary aesthetic, Niels Diffrient designed Liberty. As with the Diffrient World chair, Liberty features an innovative tri-panel non-stretch mesh backrest, which Diffrient said was based on the concept of a tailored men’s shirt. He worked closely with textile designer Elizabeth Whelan to create a mesh that was strong and supportive but still flexible.

Humanscale Liberty Chair - Options

Seat Cushion

  • Standard Foam - Standard foam seat cushion.
  • Gel Seat Cushion (+$55.00) - Humanscale’s “Technogel” technology adds a layer of Technogel on top of a foam core. Provides more even distribution of your bodyweight across the seat and is more comfortable for sitting over longer periods of time. Only available with select fabrics: Squiggle, Wave, Bridget and Vellum.


  • No Arms - Chair comes without armrests
  • Fixed Duron Arms (+$90.00) - Duron arms have a foam core. Fixed armrests are not adjustable.
  • Fixed Duron Arms with Matching Textile (+$120.00) - Fixed duron arms are upholstered to match the fabric of the seat.
  • Fixed Gel Arms (+$110.00) - Technogel arms provide a slightly softer feel than duron foam. Distributes the weight of your forearm over a larger area, minimizing pressure points.
  • Fixed Gel Arms with Matching Textile (+$140.00) - Fixed gel arms are upholstered to match the fabric of the seat.
  • Height Adjustable Duron Arms (+$140.00) - Height adjustable armrests provide 5” of adjustability.
  • Height Adjustable Duron Arms with Matching Textile (+$170.00) - Height adjustable duron arms are upholstered to match the fabric of the seat.
  • Height Adjustable Gel Arms (+$160.00) - Height adjustable technogel arms provide a slightly softer feel than duron foam. Distributes the weight of your forearm over a larger area, minimizing pressure points.
  • Height Adjustable Gel Arms with Matching Textile (+$190.00) - Height adjustable gel arms are upholstered to match the fabric of the seat.

Frame Color

  • Black Frame with Black Trim
  • Silver Frame with Silver Trim
  • Silver Frame with Black Trim
  • Polished Aluminum Frame with Black Trim (+$75.00)
  • Polished Aluminum Frame with Silver Trim (+$75.00)


Seat Height

  • Standard Cylinder - Seat height ranges from 16.0 inches to 21.0 inches
  • Short Cylinder - Seat height ranges from 15.3 inches to 19.0 inches
  • Tall Cylinder (+$42.00) - Seat height ranges from 17.0 inches to 23.3 inches


  • Carpet Casters - These casters (the wheels on the bottom of your chair) are ideal for carpet use, but can also be used on hard floors.
  • Hard Floor Casters - Ideal for hard floors, but can also be used on carpet. These hard floor casters are slightly softer and have tighter rolling tension (vs. Carpet Casters) to help keep the chair from rolling around too much on hard floors.

Backrest Fabric

Choose from a wide variety of backrest fabrics from Humanscale. These high performance fabrics offer unparalleled support and durability.

Seat Fabric - Grade I: Humanscale Collection

Humanscale offers a great selection of fabrics to choose from. Ranging in texture and design, from warm colors to bright, a wide spectrum of fabrics are available in the Humanscale Collection.

Seat Fabric - Grade II: Humanscale Premium (+$50.00 - +$90.00)

These premium Humanscale fabrics offer more variety in textures while maintaining a softer finish with luxurious feel.

Seat Fabric - Grade III: Humanscale Leather (+$170.00 - +$650.00)

Only the finest of leathers would make its way onto a Freedom Chair. Humancale uses only premium 100% genuine leather treated with an advanced finishing process to add durability and resistance to stand up to the demands of the office.

Humanscale Liberty Chair Specifications

Backrest Height 22.3 inches
Backrest Width 20.0 inches
Backrest Recline 17.0 degrees
Seat Depth 18.8 inches
Seat Depth Adjustment Range 2.3 inches (seat slides dynamically during recline)
Seat Width 21.0 inches
Seat Height (standard cylinder) 16.0 inches - 21.0 inches
Seat Height (short cylinder) 15.3 inches - 19.0 inches
Seat Height (tall cylinder) 17.0 inches - 23.3 inches
Seat Height (highest cylinder) 20.5 inches - 28.5 inches
Base Diameter 25.0 inches
Casters Carpet or hard floor options available
Shipping Time 2 - 3 weeks
Made in USA


Humanscale Liberty Chair - Features


Humanscale Liberty Chair - Features

  • Counter-balance reclining system automatically adjusts reclining tension according to your body weight. So whether you’re big or small, the reclining tension is just right for you.
  • Form-sensing mesh back is highly breathable and contours to your body.
  • Contoured seat cushions increases contact area to reduce pressure points
  • Seat height has 5” adjustment range.
  • Seat depth (distance from back of seat to the backrest) has 2.25” adjustment range.
  • Synchronous armrests (optional) adjust quickly and evenly.
  • 3” dual-surface casters ideal for both hardwood and carpeted floors.




Product Sheet             Instructions for Use      Parts and Repair Manual


Editor’s Review

By Jensen L.


I purchased the Humanscale Liberty Chair about six months ago so have had some time to sit in it for a while now. It is the most comfortable chair I have ever owned. The gel seat cushion is a little bit on the firm side, and not everybody may like that. If that’s you, you can opt for the standard foam seat option. A brilliant design with the tri-panel mesh back creates a lumbar support that is totally under-marketed in my opinion. And to top it off, it is a magnificent chair to look at. Definitely looks like a piece of high-end furniture at the office.



When you open the box, there are two components inside: (1) the seat/backrest which are attached together and (2) base/cylinder which are attached together. All you need to do is put the seat/backrest on to the base/cylinder. Align the cylinder with the receiving hole underneath the seat, and insert.

That’s it. It literally takes five seconds. It actually takes longer to remove the protective plastic bags from the components, than it does to put the chair together.




The Humanscale Liberty Chair is a very modern looking chair that is very simple and minimalistic in design. I went ahead and upgraded to a polished aluminum frame with silver trim and it looks beautiful. Easily the most beautiful chair I have ever seen, much less sat in. When you order the polished aluminum frame with silver trim, matching polished aluminum base caps are included for free. The chair comes with a 5-star base. Base caps are these accents that go on top of each of the “spokes” on the 5-star base, and it definitely adds a lot, aesthetically speaking.

Other than the seat, the other thing that you’ll quickly notice when you sit down is the back rest. The Humanscale Liberty Chair has a mesh back which allows for breathability. I selected the monofilament stripe platinum and it feels rather smooth to the touch. In case you don’t know, monofilament line is commonly used as fishing line on fishing rods. So if you’ve ever touched a fishing line, you know how smooth it is. Humanscale states that their mesh backs are gentle on your clothes and non-abrasive. Yes – it is definitely non-abrasive. Rather smooth, like a fishing line. And it feels very strong and durable.

Humanscale prides itself on having minimal knobs and levers and being really simple. Other than the adjustable armrests (optional upgrade) there are only two levers on this chair (1) adjustable seat height, e.g., moving the seat vertically up and down and (2) adjustable seat depth, e.g., moving the seat horizontally further from/closer to the backrest.

The reclining action in the Humanscale Liberty is driven by a counter-balancing system. Most chairs have a tension knob which adjusts the chair’s sensitivity to recline. Turning the tension knob tighter makes it harder to lean back, and loosening the tension knob makes it easier to lean back.

But the Humanscale Liberty does not have a tension knob. Instead, the force required to recline is dependent on the person’s body weight. Leaning back on the backrest raises the seat ever so slightly. And since you’re sitting on the seat, your body weight provides the appropriate resistance – hence, the counter-balance. The chair uses the person’s weight to drive the required tension. So, bigger people will push harder to recline than smaller people. I guess you can say it’s automated tension control, or something like that. Whatever you want to call it, it works.

Design: 5-stars-v3.jpg



I opted for the gel seat cushion. The gel seat is designed to spread your weight more evenly over the surface area of the seat, and minimize pressure points. It’s a firm seat so if you prefer a softer, squishier feeling than you may want to opt for the foam. I like my chairs a bit firmer, so it worked really well for me. The gel seat also has “memory.” For example, if you press your hand down on the seat and then remove it, you will see an imprint of your hand for about 2 seconds before the imprint goes away. So when you sit on it, the gel does form to your body for a customized experience.

The seat is also a bit wider than most chairs I have sat in. I’m an average-sized person – 5’8” and 175 lbs. The seat still feels fine for me, but I think it could comfortably accommodate wider people.

I touched on the backrest a little bit previously, but I also want to mention the lumbar support. The real star of this backrest, in my opinion, is the lumbar support. The lumbar support is simply brilliant and I often have said to myself, “How they heck did they do that?” In fact, I don’t think Humanscale advertises/markets the lumbar support enough on this chair. It is so understated. But it is also hard to explain how it works. I’ll give it a try.

The mesh backrest is a tri-panel backrest meaning, three pieces of mesh have been stitched together. There is the main piece of mesh down the middle, with another mesh piece stitched to the left and right sides. This tri-panel stitch is the key behind the terrific lumbar support. If Humanscale just used a single piece of mesh, I could imagine how your back would push thru the mesh, creating a bulge on the other side (and offering little support). But the tri-panel stitching provides support laterally (from the sides) so that your back does not push thru. And amazingly, the harder you lean back against the back rest, the more lumbar support you get! It’s like the opposite of what you would expect. While you can’t advertise the lumbar support on the Humanscale Liberty as being “adjustable,” it kinda is. If you want more lumbar support, just sit closer/lean more against the backrest.

Adjustable armrests are optional on the Humanscale Liberty (standard armrests are fixed-position). There is a button underneath each armrest which allows you to raise and lower to your preferences. They are independently adjustable, so you can have the right armrest higher than the left (and vice-versa), although I don’t know why you would ever have different armrest heights. I chose to get the adjustable armrests and they really make a difference to me. I set the armrests to match the height of my keyboard tray and it feels great, especially when using my mouse. I wish the armrests pivoted as well, so I could angle them inward towards my keyboard. Humanscale offers pivoting armrests on the Freedom Chair, but not on the Liberty. Speaking of the Freedom Chair – you may wonder why I chose to get the Liberty instead of the Freedom. The simple answer is I don’t like headrests. I feel like headrests are for sleeping, like on an airplane or something. Not for an office chair. And I prefer mesh. It’s just feels lighter and more comfortable for me. But everybody’s different.



What I like/What I don't Like

What I like: the best looking chair I have ever seen, probably because I chose the polished aluminum frame with silver trim. It is an awesome looking chair. It’s also very comfortable, and the lumbar support is amazing. Reclining action is intelligent.

What I don’t like: I wish the adjustable armrests pivoted, so I could angle them towards my keyboard while typing. I think a seat tilt adjustment, where you can change the angle/slope of the seat, would make this chair more customizable to better fit more of the population – but the current seat angle/slope works for me.



Overall, I love the Humanscale Liberty. It is a beautifully designed chair with above average functionality. The gel seat is very comfortable and the lumbar support is just perfect for me. I doubt you can go wrong with the Humanscale Liberty if you’re looking for a mesh back chair without a headrest. They could have added a bit more adjustability components, but that could fly in the face of Humanscale’s minimalistic design philosophy, and take away from the chairs beauty. I recommend you get it with the polished aluminum frame with silver trim. Well worth the extra money.


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Warranty Information

Product Warranty

• Fifteen year warranty on mechanisms
• Five year warranty on fabric/cushions/arm pads

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  1. So In Love With This Chair! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Apr 2014

    This chair is sleek and beautiful. Hands down the most artistic and expensive looking chair I saw while shopping. It is super comfy and reclines according to exactly how you want it to. If you prefer to have more support/resistance in your recline, it is very easy to turn up the resistance knob. If you want more of a relaxed “easy chair”, it becomes a very comfortable easy chair as well. I love to kick my feet up on my desk and watch tv. I’ve noticed that my posture has significantly improved and that I have way less back/neck pain than usual. I’m usually begging my husband for a massage at the end of most workdays, but I’ve definitely noticed that my neck and lower lumbar region don’t get the same tightness that they did when I had my other office chair. In terms of comfort, I’d say this chair beats the others I tried. I love the gel cushioning in the seat. Overall, this chair feels “just right!”