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Kneeling Chairs

Kneeling chairs provide a comfortable change of pace to your daily office routine. When you sit in your office chair all day, you put a lot of stress on your butt and lower back region. With a kneeling chair however, some of your weight gets redistributed over to your knees and shins. This takes some of the pressure of your back so you can work more comfortably over longer periods of time.

Most owners of kneeling chairs rotate between their office chair and kneeling chair throughout the course of the day. For example, you can start work in your office chair for a couple hours and when you get tired, you can switch over to your kneeling chair and vice-versa. It’s ergonomically sound to change positions throughout the day and this is one of the benefits you’ll find in owning a top quality kneeling chair.

Speaking of the benefits, there are three primary benefits you’ll get from using a kneeling chair and we’ll go over these in the sections below.

Redistribution of Body Weight

When sitting in your office chair for an extended period of time, you often get stiff – particularly in the lower back area. You may not notice this while you’re sitting down, but you sure do notice when you try to get up! You get up out of your chair a little slow as you straighten your back from that hunched-over position. You often have to stretch out a little bit before you can feel like you can walk again.

The cause of all that stiffness is because sitting down puts an enormous strain on your lower back. In fact, chiropractors will often tell you that sitting down is the worst thing for your back. If you’re sitting for 15 - 30 minutes, that’s not a big deal. But sitting down for hours at a time can really cause some pain and discomfort. Sitting down for hours at a time, over the course of a 40 year career at a desk job can cause real permanent harm.

A kneeling chair redistributes some of your weight over to your knees and shins, taking some of the stress off your lower back. You also lean forward slightly in a kneeling chair which alleviates this stress some more. Kneeling chairs are a great way to stay comfortable while seated over longer periods of time.

A Better Posture

As mentioned above, you’ll find yourself leaning a bit forward when seated in a kneeling chair. Since your torso stays vertical in relation to the floor however, this means your hip angle opens. In other words – your thighs and knees are angled slightly towards the floor while your body stays upright.

In a typical office chair, the angle of your thighs relative to your torso is more or less 90 degrees. But in a kneeling chair – this angle opens up to 100 degrees or more. This is referred to as sitting with an open hip angle.

The open hip angle a kneeling chair provides is beneficial for a few reasons. First - your torso is upright and not hunched over like a normal office chair. We all know having a nice straight back is better posture. Second – your breathing is better. It’s hard to breathe when you’re hunched over but with a nice, upright posture breathing becomes more efficient. You oxygenate your muscles better which can have a significant impact over the course of an eight hour day. And third – sitting in a kneeling chair engages your core (abdominal and lower back) muscles. This is good for keeping those core muscles active and in shape, instead of being lax and lazy as they would be in a traditional office chair.

Movement Throughout the Day

Lastly, kneeling chairs encourage movement. We already talked about how kneeling chair owners often rotate between their office chair and kneeling chair throughout the day. Changing positions encourages movement which is good for your body. You don’t want to be in one static position for too long.

Kneeling chairs also encourage movement within the chair. There are numerous positions you can sit in a kneeling chair. You can kneel with both legs, or with one leg. You can keep your feet tucked under the chair while kneeling, our move them out slightly. And just because you’re in a kneeling chair, doesn’t mean you have to kneel! You can actually put your feet down outside of the knee-rests, or in between the knee-rests. You can even turn the kneeling chair around, and sit in it backwards. The ability to sit in multiple positions with a single chair, is probably one of the coolest things about owning a kneeling chair.

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