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Ergonomic Office Designs is an authorized dealer for Varier. We’re proud to carry the line of Varier ergonomic furniture products here at Ergonomic Office Designs!

Varier specializes in ergonomic chairs, having a global presence in 36 countries throughout the world. Each Varier piece is handcrafted with the highest attention to detail in their Norwegian work shop outside of Alesund, on the west coast of Norway. The Varier philosophy is to make the human body central to design – to design a chair that ergonomically supports the body and encourages positions which promote relaxation. Varier products successfully merge ergonomics with modern functionality and design.

Ergonomic Office Designs is please to introduce the following five ergonomic chairs from Varier:

Varier Variable Balans

Designed by the renowned Peter Opsvik, the Variable Balans from Varier is the world’s first kneeling chair. With conventional chairs, almost 100% of your weight is supported by your butt which causes a lot of stress on your lower back. With the Variable Balans though, your weight is distributed between your butt and your shins – taking stress of your back while re-distributing your weight over other areas of your body.

Varier Move

Varier offers up their take on the ergonomic stool with the Varier Move.  It provides the support you would want from any stool, but unlike traditional stools it also encourages easy movement.  The Move puts users in a half-sitting, half-standing position for an open body posture.  The design was inspired by brick layers who used a single-footed stool while working so they had the support they needed while maintaining their mobility.  The base of the Move is curved on the bottom and the cushioned seat has 360 degrees of movement so as you move, the stool follows the movement of your body.  This is a good choice for people who work at a desk or table but actively move a lot, such as designers or architects.

Varier Thatsit Balans

The Thatsit Balans looks similar to the Variable Balans w/ Optional Backrest.  However, there are several differences to note.  First - the frame of the Thatsit is slightly wider and longer than the Variable which results in a bigger chair.  Second - the seat cushion of the Thatsit is also approximately 20% larger than the seat cushion of the Variable.  And third - there are adjustability components built into the chair such as adjustable-height shin rests, an adjustable-height backrest, and a backrest adjuster which angles the backrest more straight-up-and-down against your back, or provides a slight angle away from the chair so you can lean back.  These features make the Thatsit more suitable for sitting over longer periods of time vs. the Variable.

Varier Gravity Balans

The Gravity Balans from Varier represents complete ergonomic comfort and design. This is a kneeling chair, traditional chair, and reclining chair – all in one. Leaning back brings a floating sensation with you your legs elevated slightly above your heart. A wonderfully relaxing position which helps recharge you for the rest of the day. Lean forward into a more tradition position for reading. If you like, take it all the way forward and kneel on the shin-rests provided. A true multi-purpose chair, and elegant in its ergonomic design.

Varier Peel

One of the coziest ergonomic chairs on the market is the uniquely designed Varier Peel.  This reclining chair with accompanying footstool has a cozy enveloping feel as it's orange peel-inspired shape cradles you when seated.  With its backrest, oversized headrest and additional support for your feet and legs with the footrest, the Peel is one of the few ergonomic chairs you could actually sleep in yet modern enough to go with any office.  The reclining action works using your body weight, and the tension can be adjusted for more or less resistance.  The Peel is available in two mirror-image designs, one opening to the left and the other opening to the right, and compliment each other nicely when paired.