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Workrite Desks

Workrite desks are just what the ergonomist ordered! Workrite desks come with several different options. They have electric sit-to-stand desks and hand crank sit-to-stand desks. They also have options like a CPU holder that keeps your computer off the floor and off your desktop. Workrite desks are well made and built to last. In just a couple seconds you can switch from sitting to standing with the Workrite standing desk and continue work while alleviating any pain or pressure put upon your neck and back. A Workrite desk is the right choice and your back relieve will make you certain of that!

Workrite Desks with CPU Holders

Does your desk have CPU holder and ergonomic design? It should if you want to make sure your employees maintain their physical well being and productivity. One of the most reasons for non-industrial workplace injuries has to do with bad working posture and position of employees. Being slumped over a desk for eight hours a day, 40 hours a week and 250 plus days a year eventually takes its toll on the body. The results tend to be joint and back pain, muscle-cramping, chronic discomfort and eventually cardiovascular issues. As medicine continues to advance, it’s becoming more and more clear that the way people treat themselves for years with a sedentary lifestyle and diet directly impacts their health in the long-term. That’s bad news for them and bad news for their employer.

A Workrite Solution

Built by Workrite Ergonomics, an expert in modern desk place fabrication, Workrite desks with CPU holders are uniquely designed to help businesses and people function for long periods of time performing stationary desk and computer work. By changing the way people sit, stand and perform desk work, the variety of Workrite desk designs available can help employees improve their daily health passively by causing them stand more often, use better physical posture and avoid stress-inducing workplace body positions that eventually cause long-term pain and discomfort. It also helps businesses lower their health insurance costs for employees as less workers end up having expensive medical bills down the road, raising rates to the company.

Workrite desk systems come in a variety of office shapes and sizes ranging from basic flat workspaces to desks with multiple elevation options and platforms for computers, CPUs, keyboard and mouse peripherals and more. They can be designed for all sorts of working conditions as well as needs, including modesty screens and personal adjustment controls. With various, adjustable platforms for holding a CPU out of the way or keeping the keyboard or computer monitor elevated over a workspace, Workrite desks are designed with productivity in mind rather than just basic utility.


The construction materials used in the fabrication of Workrite desks are both professional in appearance while strong and reliable in function and use. The desks offered take up a small floor space footprint, which makes them easy to position or relocate as may be needed in a changing office. The various platform options available make the most of structural real estate, allowing a very complex office workspace to existing ergonomically in a small area.

Why Ergonomics are Important

Given the fact that most people work at a desk in the office probably four to six hours a day, and another one to two hours in the evening at home, how a person sits and works at a desk can take a toll on a body. Bad posture and position can create backache, problems with carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist pain and even neck pain from stress. Many of these conditions can be lessened or avoided with the use of ergonomically correct equipment, including the work desk area.

How Ergonomics Help

When a person uses the correct work desk equipment and desk configuration, the physical body does not have to work as hard to keep an unnatural position while functioning. Instead, the worker’s body as well as its muscle groups are relaxed, which cuts down on recurring aches and muscle-cramping significantly. A desk worker tends to have less of a chronic stiff neck or sore back, and long-term injuries such as wrist problems don’t occur. Overall, the worker stays healthier and can be more productive at a desk.

One of the biggest health benefits of Workrite desks involves getting people to stand more in the workplace. Spinal compression becomes augmented when people sit for tool long. Have a desk system that can either be used standing up or converted in place from a sitting desk to standing one as needed both provide an option to the traditional pain-causing sitting desk.

Get that Pesky CPU Out of the Way

Computers have to have a CPU component to function. There’s no question about this condition. However, it doesn’t mean that a worker needs to deal with large, useless lump of computer chassis smack in the middle of prized workspace real estate, the desktop. With a CPU holder designed to work with either standing or sitting desks, the entire computer CPU can be neatly tucked underneath a desk platform or behind it in a larger desk system. This feature preserves the desk space real estate for what matters: thinking and creating. Couple with a second platform for a keyboard and mouse, the entire desk surface can be clear of the computer for maximum workspace.

Computer CPU holders can handle both large and smaller CPU designs, making sure the component stays secure both during operating and from accidental bumps or movement. This avoids tall CPU towers from getting knocked over or bumped when sitting on a desktop, being another potential hazard in crowded offices.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a CPU holder?

A CPU holder is a special cabinet or shelf built into a desk system that secures a computer CPU in its own position.

2. Can someone install a CPU holder on his or her own?

Most desks with a CPU holder come designed with the feature built into the system. Yes, one can be fabricated, but it will not look consistent with the rest of the desk, and it could cause structure issues with the desk system if the weight is in the wrong place.

3. Why is a CPU holder beneficial?

A CPU holder provides multiple benefits: it protects the CPU, it creates more workspace on the desk, and it makes managing the CPU easier when equipment changes are needed.


So when considering new office furniture and workspace equipment, particularly employee workspace units that need to have healthy ergonomic features included, Workrite desks should be at the top of anyone’s consideration short list. These desks and their accessories, including the primary CPU holder and other desk equipment options, make the workplace healthy and productive again, which improves the bottom line and keeps workers happy.