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Workrite Monitor Arms

Workrite monitor arms are a great addition to any office. Monitor arms attach to your computer monitor and are mounted either on the wall or on your desk. With the monitor attached to the arm you can adjust it to the correct height so that you can look straight ahead, avoiding neck and back problems. With the monitor arm this also provides a lot of extra workspace. All of the space your clunky monitor usually takes up is now free to be used or remain open. You can tilt, pull out, push back, move to the side…the options are endless with a Workrite monitor arm.

Neck and Back Pain Effortlessly Relieved with a Workrite Monitor Arm

To cure neck and back pain effortlessly, use a Workrite Monitor Arm by Workrite Ergonomics. The Workrite Monitor Arm is an innovative product that is smart, stylish and effective in relieving neck and back pain in individuals working long hours at a desk. By adjusting a monitor’s height, distance and angle with the Workrite Monitor Arm, neck and back pain associated with long hours at a desk effortlessly disappear.

Neck and Back Pain

It is not uncommon for individuals working at a desk to experience pain and discomfort in the neck and back. The workspace design contributes to this discomfort. Poor posture results from sitting at a desk where equipment and documents are not in alignment with a person’s vision. This discomfort and pain may become severe over time. With many hours spent at a desk using a keyboard, pain and discomfort will continue for as long as the neck and back are out of proper alignment. Once the workspace design is corrected, neck and back pain are eliminated.

Focus Distance

The main contributing factor to neck and back comfort is the improper focus distance between a monitor and the individual viewing the monitor. When the focus distance is out of alignment with an individual’s needs, proper posture is not supported. This leads to neck and back pain. Workrite Monitor Arm provides this appropriate focus distance for individuals through correct monitor placement.

A person of any size can have his or her monitor properly placed with the The Workrite Monitor Arm. Once installed, proper posture is supported. By setting The Workrite Monitor Arm to the correct position and distance from an individual, the need to sit in a position that causes neck and back discomfort is eliminated.

Additional Benefit

There is an additional benefit to installing a Workrite Monitor Arm that contributes to making this product an effective tool for reversing neck and back pain. The Workrite Monitor Arm allows for an individual to clear his or her workspace by removing the monitor from the surface of the desk. Not only does the monitor now position itself above the desk and at the healthiest location that is within a person’s vision, but this removal of the monitor from the surface of the desk frees space for other resources needed throughout a work day.

With a Workrite Monitor Arm installed, documents, folders, memo pads, journals and other resources used during a workday can be placed on the desk in front of an individual where items and information can be comfortably viewed and retrieved.

Workrite Monitor Arm: Designed for Comfort

Ergonomics Design

Ergonomics is the science behind the Workrite Monitor Arm design. The focus of ergonomics is on designing a workplace that fits a worker. Ergonomics finds the solutions to reduce discomfort associated with poor posture and repeated stress on parts of the body, such as the neck and back.

The use of a Workrite Monitor Arm eliminates neck and back pain effortlessly through this type of design. Discomfort will be a thing of the past as technology adjusts to an individual’s needs with the use of this equipment. This ergonomic design is what makes the Workrite Monitor Arm so effective in relieving a person’s neck and back pain.

Additional Information on the Workrite Monitor Arm

The Workrite Monitor Arm Models

There are seven different Workrite Monitor Arms available for contributing to an optimal workspace design.

    1. The Workrite SwingArm Flat Panel Monitor Display Arm
    2. The Workrite SwingArm Extended Reach Flat Panel Monitor Display Arm
    3. The Workrite SwingArm Dual Flat Panel Monitor Display Arm
    4. The Workrite Poise Flat Panel Monitor Display Arm
    5. The Workrite Poise Dual Flat Panel Monitor Display Arm
    6. The Workrite Poise Twin Flat Panel Monitor Display Arm
    7. The Workrite Poise Heavy Duty Flat Panel Monitor Display Arm

The Workrite Monitor Arm Warranty

The Workrite Monitor Arm comes with a 10 year warranty, based on regular installation and regular workday use of the Workrite Monitor Arm.

The Workrite Monitor Arm Design and Materials

The Workrite Monitor Arm is ergonomically designed and constructed with durable steel. It includes an essential integral system for managing the cables; this contributes to the ease of keeping the cables hidden from view for a neat workplace appearance.


1. What causes neck and back pain at a desk job?

Sitting in the same position and using a keyboard throughout a workday puts your neck and back at risk of pain. The angle, as well as the distance of a monitor and other work objects, may require the neck to have to adjust to an unnatural position, placing it out of alignment with the spine. When the monitor is too close or too far away, it forces the neck and back to adjust to this unnatural position, leading to the pain and discomfort many individuals working at a desk experience.

2. How does a Workrite Monitor Arm help your health?

By using The Workrite Monitor Arm, the monitor can be adjusted at the correct focus distance for an individual. This proper adjustment encourages good posture through proper neck and back alignment. This eliminates any pain or discomfort caused from poor workspace design. Once the neck and back are in proper alignment, pain associated with long hours of desk and keyboard work is eliminated.

3. How many monitor brands fit The Workrite Monitor Arm?

The Workrite Monitor Arm fits most flat panel monitors that weigh up to 22lbs. The heavy duty Workrite Monitor Arm is also available. This heavy-duty arm fits one or two monitors up to 42 lbs.

To ensure The Workrite Monitor Arm fits a specific monitor, refer to the monitor’s owner manual to check for the location of the monitor’s mounting holes. If the monitor does not have the required holes (these holes are referred to as industry standard VESA) a special bracket adapter is required. This is called the VESA bracket adapter and it can be ordered when placing an order for The Workrite Monitor Arm.