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Workrite Poise Twin Monitor Arm

  • Workrite Poise Twin Monitor Arm portrait orientation
  • Workrite Poise Twin Monitor Arm vertical range
20.00 LBS
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Product Description

The Workrite Poise Twin features the same arm as the Workrite Poise, but has the addition of a crossbar to accomodate two monitors.  The Workrite Poise Twin supports two monitors, weighing 7 - 18 lbs each.  The crossbar is width-adjustable so you can bring your monitors closer together, or further apart.  The crossbar can accomodate two monitors up to to 24.5" wide a piece.  The Poise Twin can be installed for either landscape or portrait orientation both vertically and horizontally.  To add to the ergonomic nature, the Poise Twin's mounting plates align the monitors in a slight "V" shape which angles each montior slightly more towards the center for a more comfortable viewing experience.

Workrite Poise Twin Options

Include Arm

  • Include Arm w/ Crossbar - Complete set including crossbar, arm and mount.
  • Crossbar Only (-$256.00) - Crossbar only, without the arm; deducts $256.00 from price.


Arm Color

Workrite Poise Arm Color


Arm Mount



Workrite Poise Twin Specifications

Height Adjustability Up to 12 inches
Arm Reach 23 ¼ inches
Rotation of Monitors 360 degrees
Monitor Width Support Supports two monitors, up to 24.5 inches wide each
Monitor Weight Support Supports two, 7 - 18 lb monitors
Environmental 80% recyclable at end of use
Manufacturer Workrite
Shipping Time 3 Day Quick Ship
Vesa Plates 75mm and 100mm - both included





Workrite Poise Twin Features




Installation Instructions                 Poise Cut Sheet



Why extending your monitor on an arm makes sense.

Extending your monitor on a monitor arm makes sense for many reasons. A monitor arm floats your monitor over the workstation and allows you to adjust the monitor with the touch of a lever. You can position your monitor with a minimal amount of effort. Move the monitor close to you or farther way. You can even move the monitor completely out of the way when it is not in use.

Desk Real Estate

One of the best benefits of using a monitor arm is to free up valuable desk real estate. If a monitor sits directly on the workstation desk, the monitor takes up valuable workspace on the desktop. A monitor arm moves enables the monitor to float above the desk, freeing up valuable space on the desk surface. Most of us are required to multi-task throughout the day just to get all tasks completed on time. Having space on the desktop comes at a premium and, when you are need to multi-task, free space on the desk is invaluable. In addition, when the monitor sits on the desktop surface, the monitor is likely stationary. At best, you can move the monitor back toward the back of the desk or forward closer to you. Let’s face it, monitors simply take up too much space on the desktop. A monitor arm frees up the space so you have more space in which to work.

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Warranty Information

WorkRite offers a 10 year warranty on the Poise Twin Arm.
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