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Workrite Sierra HX/L Standing Desk

  • Workrite Sierra HX Adjustable Desk, Electric Desk
  • Workrite Sierra HX/L Standing Desk front view
  • Workrite Sierra HX/L Standing Desk frame and foot
  • Workrite Sierra HX/L Standing Desk right angle kneeling
  • Workrite Sierra HX/L Standing Desk right angle sitting
  • Workrite Sierra HX/L Standing Desk right angle standing
  • Workrite Sierra HX/L Standing Desk left angle with computer
  • Workrite Sierra HX/L Standing Desk front different height
  • Workrite Sierra HX/L Standing Desk angled different height
  • Workrite Sierra HX/L Standing Desk with computer
65.00 LBS
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Product Description

The Workrite Sierra HX/L 2 Leg Adjustable Desk is a beautiful rectangular design with a hidden crossbar which gives you maximum legroom and a more pleasing aesthetic look.  Available with a variety of worksurfaces, this desk can adapt to any workspace.  The HXL frame has a height range of 25.5" to 43.0", while the HX frame features a greater height range of 22.5" to 48.7."  Both frame sets adjust at a speed of 1.6 inches per second and there is no knee bar to limit your legs. With the Workrite Sierra HX adjustable desk you will work in comfort and not just any kind of comfort, the kind you can personally adjust to your specific needs.

Workrite Sierra HX/L Options

Table Size

Dimensions Model
34” W x 23” D  3423
40'' W x 23'' D (+$9.00) 4023
46'' W x 23'' D (+$21.00) 4623
52'' W x 23'' D (+$33.00) 5223
58'' W x 23'' D (+$45.00) 5823
64'' W x 23'' D (+$57.00) 6423
70'' W x 23'' D (+$66.00) 7023
34'' W x 29'' D (+$21.00) 3429
40'' W x 29'' D (+$30.00) 4029
46'' W x 29'' D (+$42.00) 4629
52'' W x 29'' D (+$54.00) 5229
58'' W x 29'' D (+$66.00) 5829
64'' W x 29'' D (+$81.00) 6429
70'' W x 29'' D (+$93.00) 7029


Base Color



Laminate Color

Choose from the laminates below to customize the look of your desktop.  Workrite's laminated worksurfaces feature Wilsonart decorative work surfaces which are designed for both style and function. 



Edgeband Color

The "edgeband" is the color around the SIDES of your desktop.  Pick a matching edgeband that goes with your laminate color, or go with a contrasting style for a stand-out look.




Frame Type

There are two different frame types available with the Workrite adjustable height desk - HXL and HX.  The only difference between the HXL frame and HX frame is the height adjutability range.  BIFMA recommends a height adjustability range of 22.6″ to 48.7″ to accommodate the 5th to 95th percentile of the working population.

  • HXL Frames - Height adjustability range:  25.5" - 43.0"
  • HX Frames (+$239.40) - Height adjustability range:  22.5" - 48.7"


Feet Type

Choose your preferred foot style.

  • Flat Foot Set - A simple, minimalist look.
  • Styled Foot Set (+$69.00) - Adds a more modern and contemporary look.



Control Switch

The Control Switch is used to adjust the desk's height.

  • Standard Switch - With simple up/down button.
  • Programmable Switch (+$39.60) - Simple up/down button, with the addition of three programmable presets.  Set different positions for kneeling, sitting and standing.  The programmable presets get your desk to the same exact height every time.



Workrite Sierra HX/L Specifications

Adjustment Type Electrical, 3 presets
Max Height 43.0 inches (HXL Frame), 48.7 inches (HX Frame)
Lowest Height 25.5 inches (HXL Frame), 22.5 inches (HX Frame)
Lifting Capacity 225 pounds
Table Top Shape  Rectangular
Environmental  LEED Eligible, 20% recycled material, 4.2 credit points for Materials and Resources
Adjustment Speed  1.6 inches per second
Manufacturer Workrite
Shipping Time 2-3 Weeks
Made in USA



Workrite Sierra HXL Features




User Guide                 Assembly Instructions                 Productivity with Adjustable Desks


Editor’s Review

By Sam S.


I upgraded from a Conset entry level desk to the Workrite Sierra HX after 3 years. I chose the Workrite desk for a few reasons, 1) Ability to program presets, 2) No crossbar, 3) Design. I haven’t been disappointed. The Workrite Sierra HX has exceeded my expectations with whisper quiet mechanics, sturdy mechanics and a sleek design. While the price might seem high, I think it’s a nice value for the product. This desk is built to last and while the Conset models are usually 1/3 of the price, after a few years, the desk wore down. The following is a review of my experience with the Workrite Sierra HX height adjustable desk.


Video Review


The delivery and packaging was efficient. I purchased a 60X30 table top, which arrived in a well-protected box made from actual wood about the size of a door frame. The additional boxes arrived on a small half crate. All the boxes can easily be handled by one person. You will need a fairly large open space to lay your table top down. My office floor served as the perfect area.

There aren’t that many different parts to the desk, which is great. I counted a total of 15 parts with 5 or 6 cords and I had ordered two spacers to allow for my 22 inch Workrite Pinnacle arm that supports the BananaBoard keyboard tray. If you are purchasing or thinking of purchasing a BananaBoard, it is absolutely critical that you purchase these spacers and an extra set of BananaBoard screws prior to assembling your desk. If you don’t have the spacers, you will have to take your desk apart again later, or create the additional space manually, which involves a lot of measuring, drilling and about 2 hours additional time.

There were extra screws for the desk and a couple wire spindles that go under your table top to hold wires. This was a pleasant surprise to help organize the cords. I ordered the silhouette table top and it is thin! It looks great and is definitely sturdy, but nerve-racking if you need to drill holes. You won’t have to drill holes unless you are adding a BananaBoard.

The legs are heavy duty and there is no movement, which critical when extending a desk to a max height. Some desks will get a bit wobbly and feel unstable. The legs come in two pieces, which are very easy to put together. Next, there are 5 brackets to connect the legs and table top. One long bracket towards the back of the table top one in the back and one on the outside of both legs. Another bracket attaches to the leg on the inside of the table leg that points towards the front of the table top. You then attach the cords to the motor and the electric control device. It’s a very manageable and simplistic assembly.

All in all, assembling the desk itself took between 1-1.5 hours. Adding the BananaBoard was another story. For a full review on BananaBoard assembly, click here. I wasn’t impressed with the assembly document received. It was a paper copy of the original instructions. When I spend $1,500+ on an electric desk, I have higher expectations than a paper copy. I didn’t even use the paper copy and pulled the installation pdf manual up on my computer. You can find the installation manual on this page. It was much easier to read and follow. If there was a higher quality instruction manual, I would’ve rated Assembly with 5 stars.




I love the design of this desk. The table top is much thinner than other desks and this alone gives it a modern look. The electric keypad looks good and doesn’t display any unnecessary lights when it’s not in use. Workrite has done a fantastic job of placement of motors and electronic components. They hug the underside of the desk and stay out of site as much as possible. Eliminating the cross bar that some desks have at knee level changes the entire look of an electronic desk.

The wire spindles help keep the wires out of site as much as possible. The legs are silver and have a nice contoured shape to the feet. It would be nice if they were thinner, but I’m fine sacrificing a bit of design to have what I consider on the most stable and sturdy height adjustable desks on the market.

With that said, there are other desks such as the HumanScale Float desk that is even more minimalistic and sleek. However, the price point is much higher and HumanScale is able to do so by eliminating electrical components all together. I don’t think the desk deserves 5 stars, because of the legs and feet. I hope in the future Workrite is able to cut down on the overall space and footprint. I don’t think the Sierra desk is on the level of design as the HumanScale float, but still an overall wonderful design.

Design: 4-stars.jpg



When looking at functionality of an electric adjustable desk, I look at 1) ease of use, 2) comfort, 3) speed and 4) noise.

1) Ease of Use - the Sierra HX desk is easy to use with soft up and down arrows and a digital display that is easy to read. I wasn’t thrilled with the instructions and command prompts when setting the 3 preset heights. It could’ve been simpler and I locked the keypad a few times before getting it right. Part of this was user error, but still don’t think it should require more than 1 push of a button to set a preset height. My last Conset desk didn’t have any presets nor display and it was a nightmare to find the exact height again and again. I switch from standing to sitting about four times a day. The presets make life a whole lot easier.

2) Comfort – the main issue I had with my previous desk was the crossbar that limited my legs. I am about 6 feet tall and the cross bar inhibited my ability to get comfortable when I was sitting. I had to adjust my sitting position an ultimately fell out of the ideal ergonomic position. This desk has no such issue and fully satisfies my comfort requirement.

3) Speed – the desk moves quickly and smoothly. Workrite nailed it on speed. By the look of the motor, it looks like it will last. I have at least 40 pounds on top of my table top and I see no slowing down.

4) Noise – the Conset desk I previously had was loud and while it’s not a deal-breaker, I prefer the luxurious humming of the Workrite Sierra. It’s a bit louder lifting, which is understandable, but still a sweet sound.



What I like/What I don't Like

What I like: the design, the functionality.

What I don’t like: the instructions were pitiful. The unconscionable decision not to have predrilled holes for the 22 inch pinnacle arm for the BananaBoard keyboard tray.



Overall, I’m thrilled with my purchase. It was a bit more than I wanted to spend, but I believe this desk is going to last 10 years and payoff with my good health and lower stress levels. The desk is firmly build, accommodates all my needs and is super comfortable for a taller person. The presets make life easy and with the push of the button, my desk is in the perfect position in seconds. The assembly wasn’t bad aside from drilling for the 22 inch pinnacle arm. I’d like to see an investment in some better instructions. I feel confident ranking this desk towards the top of the list for electric adjustable desks. I think you’ll be happy with the purchase and your body will thank you for it.



Welcome to more legroom thanks to the Workrite Sierra HX desk!

Ergonomics has changed the way that most people work and play in the world. This system of construction and design has altered everything from computer keyboards to the flight deck on many of the large production aircraft flown today. One of the designs that came from years of ergonomic design is the standing desk. One of the most popular standing desks in the world today is the Workrite Sierra HX.

The desk comes in a variety of colors and designs but the main thing that sets it aside from other desks is the ergonomics and the standing design. The Workrite Sierra HX is not strictly a standing desk, it is a desk that operates within a wide range of heights and can be used as either a standing desk or a sitting desk. The range of heights actually makes the desk useable for other functions also, but it is mainly designed to a one-person workspace.

Everyone is encouraged to try a standing desk and the Workrite Sierra HX is the perfect choice. Besides the better ergonomics and just feeling better at the end of the day, there are a good number of reasons that make standing desks the choice for today and for the future. They make for a better and neater looking office; they improve inter-office communications and much more.

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Warranty Information

WorkRite offers a limited lifetime warranty on desk and a 5 year warranty on motor and electric parts.

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Product Reviews

  1. Why did I wait so long? 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Sep 2013

    I'd been thinking about getting a standing desk for probably a year before I pulled the trigger. I finally got around to ordering the Sierra HX and so happy I did! Totally worth it and I will never be without a standing desk again. The desk moves quickly and the motor is very smooth. It feels great to stand at my computer and then sit again when I want to. I stand at least twice a day and it really helps stretch my legs out. Adds some variety to my day and feels good too. Highly recommend!