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Workrite Sierra HX/L 3 Leg Standing Desk

  • WorkRite Sierra HX L Shaped Adjustable Desk, Electrical Desk
  • Workrite Sierra HX/L 3 Leg Standing Desk standing height
  • Workrite Sierra HX/L 3 Leg Standing Desk sitting height
95.00 LBS
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Product Description

The Workrite Sierra HX/L 3 Leg Adjustable Desk is perfect for the worker that simply needs more room in a convenient and aesthetically pleasing look.  Much like the 2 Leg adjustable desk by Workrite, this 3 Leg desk has a hidden crossbar and a speed of 1.6 inches per second.  You get the best of both words with the Workrite adjustable desk.  It can be used in the standing or sitting position and has plenty of room for the hardest of workers.

Workrite Sierra HX/L Options

Table Shape



Table Size - Offset Corner, Right

Dimensions Model
46” W left x 58” W right x 23” D 465823
46” W left x 70” W right x 23” D (+$30.00) 467023
58” W left x 70” W right x 23” D (+$60.00) 587023
46” W left x 82” W right x 23” D (+$90.00) 468223
46” W left x 58” W right x 29” D (+$12.00) 465829
46” W left x 70” W right x 29” D (+$42.00) 467029
58” W left x 70” W right x 29” D (+$72.00) 587029
46” W left x 82” W right x 29” D (+$102.00) 468229


Table Size - Offset Corner, Left

Dimensions Model
58” W left x 46” W right x 23” D 584623
70” W left x 46” W right x 23” D (+$30.00) 704623
70” W left x 58” W right x 23” D (+$60.00) 705823
82” W left x 46” W right x 23” D (+$90.00) 824623
58” W left x 46” W right x 29” D (+$12.00) 584629
70” W left x 46” W right x 29” D (+$42.00) 704629
70” W left x 58” W right x 29” D (+$72.00) 705829
82” W left x 46” W right x 29” D (+$102.00) 824629


Table Size - Equal Corner

Dimensions Model
58” W left x 58” W right x 23” D (+$108.00) 585823
64” W left x 64” W right x 23” D (+$228.00) 646423
70” W left x 70” W right x 23” D (+$288.00) 707023
58” W left x 58” W right x 29” D (+$168.00) 585829
64” W left x 64” W right x 29” D (+$288.00) 646429
70” W left x 70” W right x 29” D (+$348.00) 707029


Base Color



Laminate Color

These high quality Wilsonart laminates are a great for even the most demanding office environments.  These worksurfaces have a smooth finish and will provide a modern and contemporary look to your work space.


Edgeband Color

Accent your worksurface by choosing an edgeband that goes with your desktop.  The "edgeband" is the color that goes around the SIDES of your worksurface.




Frame Type

There are two different frame types available with the Workrite adjustable height desk - HXL and HX.  The only difference between the HXL frame and HX frame is the height adjutability range.  BIFMA recommends a height adjustability range of 22.6″ to 48.7″ to accommodate the 5th to 95th percentile of the working population.

  • HXL Frames - Height adjustability range:  25.5" - 43.0"
  • HX Frames (+$305.40) - Height adjustability range:  22.5" - 48.7"


Feet Type

Choose your preferred foot style.

  • Flat Foot Set - A simple, minimalist look.
  • Styled Foot Set (+$69.00) - Adds a more modern and contemporary look.



Control Switch

The Control Switch is used to adjust the desk's height.

  • Standard Switch - With simple up/down button.
  • Programmable Switch (+$39.60) - Simple up/down button, with the addition of three programmable presets.  Set different positions for kneeling, sitting and standing.  The programmable presets get your desk to the same exact height every time.



Workrite Sierra HX/L Specifications

Adjustment Type Electrical, 3 presets
Max Height 43.0 inches (HXL Frame), 48.7 inches (HX Frame)
Lowest Height 25.5 inches (HXL Frame), 22.5 inches (HX Frame)
Lifting Capacity 300 pounds
Table Top Shape  L Shaped, Equal Corners
Environmental  LEED Eligible, 20% recycled material, 4.2 credit points for Materials and Resources
Manufacturer Workrite
Shipping Time 2-3 Weeks
Made in USA



Workrite Sierra HX/L Features

Workcenter Features




User Guide                 Assembly Instructions                 Productivity with Adjustable Desks



L Shaped Desks vs. Regular Desks

An L-shaped desk provides more surface work area than a regular rectangular desk. In many cases, it also provides much more storage space than a regular desk. Many people choose to use one side of the “L” for computer access and the other work surface section for paper-based work or planning activities. An L-shaped desk can fit neatly in a corner against a wall, but it also can be placed so that its “L” defines boundaries between two work areas. In the case of the home office, an L-shaped desk placed away from the wall can define the boundary between work and home spaces. If using an L-shaped desk for boundary definition, the user needs to ensure that the back side of the desk is finished so that it will not be putting an unattractive face on display.

L-shaped desks make wonderful ergonomic work partners. The keyboard and one or more monitors generally take center stage at a regular desk, leaving the user little if any room for papers, notes or books s/he may need for the work at hand. We generally see this issue as being only a common inconvenience, but it can be ergonomically stressful for the user over long periods of time. An L-shaped desk not only provides an additional work surface, it also places that surface at a 90-degree angle. Turning from one work area to the other provides movement that the user would not gain at a regular rectangular desk, decreasing the fatigue and strain of remaining in the same position for long periods.

Where there is a paper-based work flow and a regular desk with its central space claimed by a computer, outgoing work or items that need to be filed often end up on the floor in temporary storage. An L-shaped desk provides a surface where the user can store outgoing items more carefully and much more attractively. The additional work surface of an L-shaped desk also increases safety in a paper-based environment by allowing the user to keep items off of the floor.

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Warranty Information

WorkRite offers a limited lifetime warranty on the desk and a 5 year warranty on motor and electric parts.
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